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"I know Liberals all too well. They talk high about free speech but if you say something they don't want people to hear they'll attack your right to speak and even resort to violence if you don't let them silence you."

Okay. Let's say I'm a Liberal (since I probably am, being married to another guy and all) and you say something I don't like.

I'm kind of stuck.

If I punch you to shut you up, well, obviously I'd be attacking you.

But not punching you is also an attack! It's an attack on your expertise. You claimed to know something about me, and by acting contrary to that claim, I'm challenging your authority on the subject. That's not physically violent, sure, but it's certainly confrontational!

In fact, it's entirely possible that I want to punch you, and that I was going to punch you, but because you exposed that fact about me, I deliberately acted in contrary fashion just to make you look wrong. In a dishonest act of rhetorical petulance, I manipulated the data to hide your correctness and undermine your reputation. And that's not a very constructive way for me to act, now, is it?

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# Method Pros Cons
1. Do nothing. Bliss. Sense of helplessness. Unreliable and random.
2. Flip a coin. Quick and easy. Unreliable and random.
3. Adopt someone else's stance. Guarantee there's at least one person who doesn’t think you’re an idiot. (Gullible, maybe.) Sense of helplessness. Unreliable and random.
4. Form your own opinion when you don’t thoroughly understand the subject. Sense of empowerment. Delusional sense of empowerment. Unreliable and random.
5. Form your own opinion when you do thoroughly understand the subject. unknown at this time Takes years of hard work. Requires method 4 as a prerequisite. Dismissed as arrogant and detached from reality by practitioners of methods 1 through 5.


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