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Two Game Nights ago:

I had the honor of gaming with bard_bloom and family, including their precocious offspring. I ended up dominating in King of Tokyo (with five or six reserved players, going aggro gets you pretty far). Then we did two rounds of 7 Wonders by popular demand. First game went 33-37-46-53 with me on top by virtue of strong military and assorted other random bonuses — oh, plus me being the only one who’d played the game a lot. In game two, the scores ran 32-40-55-59. I was the 40. Early attempts at building military were quashed by both neighbors outpacing me and I never developed a good alternate strategy.

Last Game Night:

Our host had several more friends over than usual, including a new coworker and his girlfriend, so we stuck with large social games. I initially jumped into a giant game of Channel A that ran with ersatz dropins/dropouts until the pizza came. I netted zero points, which I don’t feel too bad about given that we got up to ten players or so and only played halfway around the table. Fox & Chicken came after that, so I bowed out.

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