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Tuesday: first time actually doing 30 whole minutes of cardio (the trick: jump rope in sets, just strenuously enough to keep the heart rate up)
Wednesday: 5-mile round trip walk to get a haircut
Thursday: rake and sweep an entire sidewalk and two-car driveway, the latter of which has been accumulating compressed leaves since early winter
Friday: 6-mile round trip walk to the bank (would have been 5.5, but I left my card in the ATM and had to go back)
Saturday: 13-mile bike ride, plus 15 minutes of rope-jumping that morning since I didn't know there'd be biking yet
Sunday: Nothing. Looked at houses all day.
Monday: Nothing.
Tuesday: Nothing...

C'mon. Back to the grind already.


Feb. 27th, 2010 11:27 pm
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I've kept things simple and unstrenuous so far since I basically started cold. The goal, arranged with a friend for mutual support, was originally 60 minutes a day, every day. It's dropped to 30 for both of us: for him because he doesn't have the time, for me because I can't handle it. I've got a jumprope for cardiovascular work, and I'm doing crunches and pushups every other day for muscle tone. I'd like to be doing pullups as well, but I don't have a spot to do them.

Results are mixed so far. On one hand, I've already felt improvements after one week. On the other, it's a big relative improvement over practically nothing. Jumping rope is surprisingly difficult, and even now I can't sustain it for even ten minutes. My legs tire too fast. If things don't improve, I'll need to switch or supplant it with something like biking or hard walking. Over the Olympics I walked around Vancouver something like five to ten miles per day for three days straight and it didn't tire me out, so I can't consider it a workout. It wasn't a strenuous pace and it was spread over the course of an entire day.


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